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A Precious Soul


I was going to save this for later but later felt like maybe…I thank God for all the pretty ladies that He’s led into my life but wait…I call this from my archives [Saturday 26th May 2007 (was 17 years of
age)] for all those that (have) found a reason to part ways with yours truly;

“You are not a grown man until your heart has been broken.”

This was so bad I wrote something about it. Hope it puts a message through to you. Enjoy.

A Precious Soul.

I lie on my bed
Soaked in a pool of tears,
For I will never forget
a precious soul just like yours.

For I think of this
Because of the love in my heart.
I wish that you were still here,
Though it is too late.

For I did not know,
It would hurt like this,
Not telling you
How much you meant to me.

I never know exactly,
But wherever you are,
I just want to say that,
I still care.

Memories fill my heart
And all things with pain.
Why do precious souls
Just like yours have to fade?


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