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Dear Amber.


Amber, I have invested considerable time in, and thoughts about, writing this, not because I feel shy or intimidated by the character that you are, or any other thing, but simply because I am publishing what I should have forever kept private.

Do not fret about who I could possibly be. I go by the very long name, they say, Alexander Twinokwesiga, Omusingo wa Rwanyanshando. And no I am not Russian. A simple look up in your Google or Wikipedia search engine for either Idi Amin or Joseph Kony, our celebrities, will help you appreciate where I come from.

However, I write not to threaten, like those two did, but share my wishes and dreams. I being a very poor human being, have only my dreams. I lay them at your feet. Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.

You’ll be surprised that regardless of the vast differences that exist, we do have a few things in common. Levenchuck and Twinokwesiga, and Philadelphia and Rwanyanshando being long names and townships respectively. The love for food, lemon chicken and sweet peas being your favorite and millet bread and banana plantain as my staple. Just so you know, these are served black and yellow so your roots being in Pennsylvania, the black and yellow sate will help you to relate comfortably.

Your taste for black men will remain inviolable. Nothing gets blacker than yours truly. Do take a close hard look at the name. See the K? The Kwesiga? I know you love the K. Thanks to Barack we now know that one of the K’s, Kanye, is nothing but a jackass. It is only a jackass that would bruise a heart so sweet. And your fiance, Khalifa, always rolling his weed up and thinking everything is funny. Forget all of that, this Kwesiga right here means nothing but hope, faith, and trust.
And if this is not it, then I can only hope it is good progress.

Amber, let me be upfront. You have over the years absorbed me. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I was dissolving. I wish we were either in each others arms full of faith, or that a thunder bolt would strike me.

Our relation ought to come like the leaves to the trees or it better not. Forget Wiz, I want to have my own wicked way with you. I want the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of you, that you are afraid to share with many, because I like and love you that much. I mean to say, I want to be in your mix. And when you get weary, I’ll find you a bed of mosses and flowers and pillow your hairless head.

Maybe I am asking too much but I would like to spend beautiful harmonious quite time with you, enjoy cooking together, talking to each other, playing, simply enjoying each others company, dance and music. 100% pure harmony. To laugh, love, hug and experience wonderful things together. For you to be a mirror, to support and appreciate each other, sensitive of each others needs and not take advantage. To feel comfortable, and yes, passionate romantic love which lasts forever. Sorry a temporary forever, considering that you are engaged. [Darn it]

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

If we do nothing like the above, we’ll, with our eyes behind shades, share the beautiful countryside that Uganda is. They say there is nothing as awesome as riding a stallion over the Serengeti but wait till we take exciting, fantasy rides atop the Ankole long horned cattle, have your daily bath in milk, and enjoy the sumptuous meals served with the delicious white soup known as Eshabwe.
I have already placed orders for your own smart dress, the traditional Umshanana and the Eshuka, which you’ll rock while here. It looks amazing on members of the fairer sex with a bosom and rump that you can compare notes with.

With a topography like yours, I must forewarn you that you’ll put very many to shame, because of the unbelievable attention it will attract. Good thing is that’ll will be more Rosebuds for you, and unfortunately more haters for me. I will not have to even try, your face will be the only reason I smile.

Amber, I respect the disappointing fact that you have been on this surface before me, been here and done that, and the irreconcilable difference that you will be getting this young and fresh, but that will be a worry for another day.
As your potential Mr. Right Now, all I wish for is you to get me what I am in the quest for, my temporary forever. After all my courtesy dictates that you should inevitably get back to that Taylor Gangsta.

If you can not get out of my head and fall into my hands, into my life, it is my fervent hope that, if reincarnation is indeed true, I come back as nothing else but the lingerie that you make look so too very awesome especially when you disrobe for the advertisements.


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