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Twenty Two Years Under The Sun


Dear 22 years old Twinokwesiga,

Sit down for a minute and read this. It is a letter from the future you. Don’t skim it and scan it and roll your eyes. Read it; OKAY?
This is not to acknowledge a fact that you were born on the same day your parents walked down the aisle, one that many have hesitated to believe. You have fathomed that, and celebrated it every other year. This is to, for, and about you.

Your birth anniversary is on the 01st September 2012. You probably think that the perfect birthday celebration would be
to have a party with some of your goons or hangout with your family in a swank city restaurant in a bustling city. But let me tell you, at 22, your perfect day will not include extravagance and excitement at all. You’ll wish for simple things like peace and quiet to read a good book, think and write or simply tweet. You probably think that sounds boring, and that’s precisely the point. [You are old enough, and have come of age]

I know that life is not easy right now. I know that you are not that happy. But I want you to know you have within you all you need to be truly happy. And I promise that you will be. There are just a few things you need to know to help you along the way.

“So on this day, I vow to make the best
me that can be. On this day I vow not to be sad but optimistic and hopeful that a new future is possible.”

The first thing you should know is the next two decades of your life will pass by much faster than the last. Time seems to speed up as we get older and you will soon too begin to realize that all those things you have put off. The difficult things you must face about your life cannot be avoided forever. Be brave, trust yourself.

Listen to the advice of others, take it on board, and then do what you know to be right, even if it is contrary to the advice you have received. Above all, do not listen to those who will tell you that doing what is patently right is naive or doomed to failure. Nothing truly worthwhile was ever easy an no great challenge was ever overcome without someone believing that the seemingly impossible would have to be made to happen because it was both right and necessary.

“Time I cannot reverse, but the future
awaits me to shape it”

Take advantage of this season of your life when your time and attention are not split in a million different directions.

Write more, journal your thoughts so that you won’t have to try to remember the details of how you used to think.

Get rid of the TV, phone and learn to limit the time you spend online. The emails,Twitter, WhatsApp, and movies, and soccer that seem so important, urgent and satisfying right now will mean nothing to you in a short while. Keep it all in perspective.

Use your free time … wait let me tell you, you have lots of free time right now … even though you may not think you do, you do. Use your free time to learn to, and live a more comfortable, satisfying, and successful life. Take classes in the most important of things such as cooking (yes), running businesses and relating. Soak it all in, even if you can’t envision the purpose right now. I wish I could tell you which companies to buy stock in, or what lottery numbers will win, but that would not necessarily make your life easier or better or more satisfying.

Twino, you never have your act together. And that’s OK. Don’t kill yourself trying to attain the unattainable. Just keep plugging along. Put yourself into the things that God puts on your heart. Be kind to yourself and those around you. You’ll still be an odd bod, with friends that come and go. What a gift that will be, take their advice, stop being so judgmental.

Tell the people in your life, your grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, classmates that you love them. Do it now, do not wait. They will not/may not be around for long/ever, and you have a lot to more learn from each other. If you take the risk, and tell them, you will learn that nothing in life matters more than being able to openly, honestly, and joyously love and to be loved in return. The only thing that matters in life is faith, relationships and love. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of expressing love to those around you.

“Love alters not with his brief hours and
weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of
doom.” Shakespeare Sonnet 116- Let me
not to the marriage of true minds.

You’ll decide to start reading the Bible all the way through for the first time. It will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now. So why not start now? Go ahead, open up…I don’t know Galatians, Hebrews, Romans, Corinthians, start reading and start asking questions. Ha, trust me, God’s got all this all figured out. Don’t try to make sense of it now.

Twino, no matter what humps in the road you face, remember that God is faithful, I wish I could explain to you how cool God is, how real He is, how amazingly good he is, I wish I could articulate grace in words that you’d understand. If I wrote it out to you, right now, you wouldn’t even get it. You’ll experience a lot in the next years, and every moment will be designed by God for you to ‘get it.’ Rest in that. Do you even know what that means? Feel peace about it. I know you’ve felt peace about things before. Remember your old man’s fatal accident, your favorite uncle’s death, and that girl? Liugi? Calvaca?

Peace from God is like that, only it doesn’t go away ever, and it’s not because you’ve finally got your act together. You’ve been talking about writing a book, finding a daughter of destiny, and starting a successful business. Hang in there.

…a new future full of possibilities, full.of
promise, and hope. I hope you can see us
celebrate. I hope you can feel the joyous sound.”

Your, Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Love, in abundance, and a happy life.


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