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An epitome of my adoration


We all have hearts, we all have feelings. It is therefore inevitable to relate with those we admire and pick a special interest in for sparking those feelings. Just the other day, I met someone so real that I wrote the last chapter in my story of the imaginary ones.

We had actually not been strangers since she and I are friends on one of those social networking sites, something I missed for lack of vigilance and remembrance of chats we have had before. I was quite disappointed in myself when she recognized me from an avatar of mine in the same medium.
On that first day, seated at different spots in the same room, we avoided each other and watched from a distance as if direct contact would only remind us more keenly of our isolation.

I happen to be a lad who loves well constructed things; buildings, sentences, and as a matter of fact members of the fairer sex. From my first impressions of her, I knew that she passed that test. When I looked into her eyes, I knew she was the one I wanted to be with, when I looked at her awesome physical features, I wished I would be the one to put her well built birth-giving hips to use, and being the man who likes anything that comes with a good pair of legs, and for her likable nature, there was no reason to divert my concentration. There is nothing that illustrated mutuality like her acknowledgement of how special that day was to her too.

The aftereffects of our meeting gave birth to a bond that has grown strong since then. For her, that tweet about that meeting having been due to fate and the hope that we did more deserved my repose with reasons why we should, and for me, her coming to me in a dream later that night in which I told her how much I liked her.
Honestly, I was overwhelmed, very excited when we met. A sweet, lovable, desirable, fun loving kind of lady that I dreamt about our second date  from which the only words I recall are “I like you so much that I would love my daughters to be like you” and that “I also like you so much I would marry your brother just to be part of your family.”

And just like that, we started our own fairy tale derived from her remembrance of the likes of the love story of the immortal elf maiden Arwen (herself), who is yet to choose a mortal life and pledge her love to Aragorn (myself).
Nothing sparked my interest more than her answer to my question whether it would be worth it in the end, the two of us living happily ever after like in the tales. I was both surprised and awed by her admission that we could only if we involved her first love, God, and did away with the liquor, a limitation I am yet to find a way around. Being the eminence of faith she is, and the only person I know God speaks back to, and has richly blessed, there is a lot of useful faith. I think I can, and will after all, there is only one option.

The few times we have met have given me words better than better. Every time we do, she reminds me of wine because she looks far much better than the last. One of the highlights being our very last, her visit to my place of residence when my roommates, ants and roaches, tried to “look underneath her maxi outfit”, a habit we both believe they have borrowed from their own other roommate.

Her speech is so eloquent that I could listen to her all the time. It really does not matter whether we are having an intellectual conversation or otherwise delving in one of those silly ones, we are always left “ha ha-ring”. Of all the conversations I have in a day, none is yet to beat any with her thanks to her spirit, free like a bird’s, and happy character.
I love it when she, and how she mentions my name (for I have parted ways with some for failure to do so, yes) and calls me her either dear or love because even when I am well aware that hope is that thing with feathers, I wont lose it because it all starts with those little and simplest of details.

She may not be as forthcoming as I would have loved, and I have to remember that I am definitely not be the only one missing her but one thing is certain, she is the one that I adore, and will not be forgiving myself for losing her.
She is undeniably a very beautiful lady, reason why every other day I try to woo her more and an ineffable woman, why I want to win her. Like the sun I love during day, and the moon during night, I want to love her forever and ever more.
If this ain’t it then hopefully let it be very good progression.

I wish I was always there for her to talk to her, take walks with her, to hold her, kiss her, go on dates with her where she can let me know what she is into and also see if I can make her reach things unattainable when I peek into her nature but for my remoteness.

This is to you my lady, I only trust in the things that I feel, and recognize what is real. I hope these sentiments never change.


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