Wise words – from Zeno to Twino, and to you.


    Forgive my disorganized thoughts but Eid really worked my head. My little friend, as you sit down to wrongly do what you have termed as preparations for your examinations, I’ll try to give you a low down or ten point program of the way I hope to achieve my life goals. Some people are mentored, others are crafted through the school of hard knocks better known as experience. Sometimes, it’s good to share that.
    Since you think you are embarking on an important journey, it’s just a token of some of my collective opinions that I have, and continue to form as I trudge along the cruel and exciting twists of life.

    In particular order, strive to maintain these core values in your career;

    1. Community

    When you arrive in this world, you are given a sense of belonging to a particular environment and the people will give you some of the greatest advantages in life like heritage, communication skills, a foundation. This is to be a launch pad to wherever you fly. Remember he who has no past can’t have a future.

    2. Joy

    This is in your infancy. Don’t mistake this for happiness. The simple things in life are always the most important and all the greatest creatures of this universe always understood the relation of coexisting with nature and to manipulate anything, you must be in total understanding of how it works.
    Unfortunately, many of our people stick here and never go beyond this stage hence they develop a cold sense of fore brooding known as GREED.

    3. Individuality

    Always single blocks make a wall. However uniform it turns out to be, it is always a unique piece to a house. Even as you work in a team, always stand as a person in contribution, this will take you further and also help you appreciate the value that every minion brings to the table. Cohesion isn’t brought by synchronized thinking rather by different jobs to a common purpose.

    4. Education

    I don’t mean the piss in your pants, the hogwash that you are being certified to do. Remember, a true education is so expensive without even costing a coin. Even as a lawyer, it is always important to learn that society is always teaching you something. Are you humble enough to always take heed? A good education will make you analytical rather than critical, a producer rather than a consumer, it will teach you the difference between a tarmacked path and a mud road.

    5. Imagination

    Always strive to look at all the possibilities in all the parallel settings. For however small an action seems, there is always an equal reaction. Strive to make many mistakes at the start of the journey. ASK more of WHY, HOW than WHICH, WHO. Always be the crazy guy who is rebelling. You learn more about the valley from the mountain than from the valley.

    6. Private thought

    If you have an opinion, share it. Sometimes, the reason you are in a position of influence is the ability to make your thoughts an idea. You can’t always find solace in the judgement of others like the proverbial sheep. Even when you are fighting a crowd be afraid of the physical harm but mentally, you win but also allow a better opinion to override yours. Respect opinion and the favor will be returned.

    7. Due process

    If you have been doing something for ages and it has worked for them however ridiculous it seems, there is something correct that they are doing. Be very slow to subject people to your view simply because it seems better sometimes. Let the process bend towards you or else we shall be peacekeepers.

    8. Ownership

    How often are you willing to take responsibility for your actions or those you lead? Only men who own up to all their actions can make other people accountable. Point as many fingers as possible at yourself and both the positive and the negative will be yours.

    9. Free will

    Let others always work according to their abilities rather than your targets, and this is the paramount human virtue man should always give the next man.

    10. Freedom

    Always define that in your language.

    I have avoided the usual words. All in all, there are more values you will pick to make your lifetime worthy of communicating in the wind…


    Zeno Othieno Owora says he is not good at popular opinion but he left these words on my Facebook timeline.
    The sequence, he says, is borrowed from FRINGE. The wording is his, and in words he “borrowed from the English language”.
    I couldn’t help but wait to share.


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