Home Poesy A war is going on outside

A war is going on outside


Through a crack in his hut,
he peeks at scenes that hurt his heart;
Women rushing to find their children,
Men, too, rushing to find their women.
Havens they seek
because their village has been taken over.
Armored vehicles and gun wielding men come from all over.

In this loud squall,
he deafens and coils himself into a corner,
just to make himself feel safer.
But through the same crack,
a commander points him out;
“Get him. Kill him”, he orders.
Frightened and afraid to surrender,
he stays in, never to come out
only hoping he may live on.

The walls of his hut start crumbling down
The moment is nigh,
his life, too, is going down.

These words occurred to me through a dream on the 01st day of November, 2013. I wrote them down shortly after 3:00 am of the same morning.

Our interpretations may differ but I do believe in mine which is; the experiences we go through in life happen in form of motions or waves so consuming that however much we try to resist, they will always get us out of our shells or caves, and sometimes, be the end of us.


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