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Imaginary Love. 1.4


My Dear, (O how your name does not hurt my jaws, but glides off my tongue just fine!)

Dearest, your name woke me this morning. I found my lips piping their song before I was well back into my body, and out of my dreams.

Last night, you were a high tree and I was in it, the wind blew us both; but I forgot the rest – whatever it was, it was enough to make me wake happy.

There are dreams that go out like candle-light directly one draws the curtains and opens the windows. They illumine the walls no longer; the daylight is too strong for them. So, now, I can hardly remember anything of my dreams. Daylight, with you in it, floods them out.

O! How are you? Awake? Up? Have you breakfasted? I ask you a thousand things. I am devoured by curiosity – which reminds me of something you said after the “The first of many”, that I have not known you for long. Tell me all you can, whenever you can, as I am, I must admit, in a quest to know you better.

I am in a good mood, plus, you said nice and kind words to me after the previous letter. You are so sweet, thank you for your kind words.

However, they left me yearning for more. Words that is. How shortly you are able to say everything you want to, I presume, in only a few sentences!
Or, that is your tactful method of digressing from my, by far, “overt flirtation” – so to say? I know not.

The grass under our beautiful friendship’s feet is in its nascent stages and should never stop growing. We must make hay of it while the sun shines.
So, let your disobedience, disobedience of your beautiful mind, begin. I find disobedience wonderfully sweet. A beautiful mind is wonderful to find. But then, you are, apparently, limiting yours, and giving it laws, written or otherwise, which you should disobey – that is the way the world begun. It is not for nothing that you are a daughter of Eve.

Thank you for not putting the pen away, but I ask you not to use it sparingly either. You are to write to me uncorrected letters, just as the words come. Do not be afraid to tell me anything like; how it rained on your hair, and ruined your mascara, or ow you were brave enough to chase a rat that was trying to be your room mate or how it scared the hell out of you, or how a random goon tried to make passes at you on the street, much to your discomfort or even how you enjoyed playing along, or how you are looking forward to, and are preparing for your birthday anniversary, the Christmas holiday, and your graduation from your alma mater when the new year is finally here? By the by I hope I get invited.

Do not hold back. Do not be afraid. Write down anything that you think may fascinate me. Foolish or otherwise, I will read it. It is through your words that I will find you.

I look forward to reading your words. They leave me extremely exhilarated. Do not worry about “diverting” or your teenage kind of words like “blow up” and I forgot the other. I may set the bar too high for myself, only because to me, god is the enemy of great, but I am not one to be overly impressed or flattered. You have done that already. And also, do not be quick to apologise, even though that is a clear indicator, at least to me, that you are a principled one, with values to uphold.

Best of luck where you are, My Dear, and in whatever you do.
May He bless you more.


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