Home Poesy Three boys were here.

Three boys were here.


Last night
an overly loud knock summoned me.
I answered
and found three boys.
A lean one.
A plump one,
and a chubby one.

They pushed me out of the way,
and found their way.
Peeked into my bedroom,
peed in my toilet, and
paced onto my balcony.

Two bummed for my matchbox,
and lit their cancer sticks.
Smoke was curling
from their cigars,
and limply drifting
past my house’s walls.

They bummed on my bed
and got interested
in which girls have been in my bed.
They never realised
it’s the scribbled sheets they read
that I write from that bed.

They inquired why I don’t drink.
I responded; “It’s not good. I think”.
They were disappointed. I was unwavered.
They proposed that we buy a muzinga an suck it.
I was not to be arsed into it and said “fuck it”.

They left.
I slept.
I have to replace the matchbox they stole
and make lunch
lest I’ll have nothing to munch.

Alexander Twinokwesiga
Nairobi, Kenya
Thursday, February 20th, 2014.


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