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To a lady I meet on a walkway (II)


How do you spell your name?
What is the meaning of your name?
How and where is your home,
and the place where you come from?
What kind of people are they?
Do they have humility, and are merry,
or their money has made them unholy?

Do you really believe Jesus Christ
died and resurrected,
or that the better was Muhammad,
or that none of that ever existed?

Damn it!
How do you do it?
To be so different
but still keep my interest?

That we are never done with kicking time
is true,
can you kick it with a person
with a disposition like mine?

If you joined me for a walk,
enjoyed every word that we’ll talk,
and never found me a mess,
do you think we’ll eventually
bind each other, with a kiss?

Do you have a man wherever you’re living?
If not, can I be the one you call
when your sugar walls are calling?

Do you think our babies
will grow up troubled with worries
while trying to choose
either their father’s nationality,
or their mother’s identity?

I know you got a nine to five,
can I be your five to nine?
What time do you get off,
can I see you tonight?

Will you like it,
when you return from work,
and find me waiting
for you to eat the meals I’ll cook?

Does this seem like a task,
that I’ve got this, and more, to ask
from a broke bloke who got into debt
to enable this, our first date?


Alexander Twinokwesiga.

Sunday, February 23, 2014.

Karen, Nairobi.


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