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Beauteous Bamwine.


I had always dreamed and never seen,
always tried and never been,
always thought but never knew,
until at last I discovered
that the gift I always sought
was you.
When I saw you meek, and kind, and tender,
Heavens! How desperately did I adore!
How sweet the scene I saw?
How much I loved all that I saw?
No shyness, nor awkwardness, nor silence
could separate me
from you who looked as lovely
as lilies to my eyes.
From opposite ends of a lifetime
we came,
and found a breath of magic
hovering in between.
From opposite ends of a heart,
we smile(d),
two lives blended into one,
together, laughing and young,
the beautiful woman that you are,
and I.

Ah! Who can ever forget so fair a being?
The wonders of your lively countenance,
and humid eyes that dance
in the midst of their own brightness
and too, the sweetness of your honied voice?
Beauties never discerned,
kept away by, then, thousands of miles,
and, now, by millions of miles
that they seldom meet the eye.
On your pictures my dazzled senses rest(ed).
From such fine representations, heavens!
I cannot dare to turn my admiration
from one that is worthy.

Without your beauty,
how could I have known
something that your attractive physical and mental senses inspired,
something that I never knew before?
Such a love as you made me feel.
Without you,
my world became an empty space.
I was too much in solitude
and, consequently, was obliged
to be in continual burning of thought
as an only resource.
Every week,
with my mind, and all my heart,
I coupled myself with you
in speeches that expressed my devotion to you.
None has appropriated you so closely to myself.
None has saved me from passing nights anxious and awake
and a distraction of a thousand thoughts.
I hate the world.
Seeing you happy and in great spirits will be a great consolation.

You cannot conceive how I ache to be with you.
Whenever you can, come, no matter the day,
to live with me and be my love.
In the swing of that love
I will show you things
and with love-looking eyes,
conjure praises of, and for you.
Until you give me those luscious lips,
and let me place these arms
on the tender jailers of your waist,
and rest my soul upon that dazzling breast,
it will be enough for me to dream of you.
But if not, one day
my faith, in you and I
will return me, for you and I
to see nothing but
pleasure in your eyes,
love on your lips,
and happiness in your steps
for you are the gift of the sun
I have loved so long, and so well.

Alexander Twinokwesiga
Nairobi, Kenya.
Saturday, March 8, 2014.


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