Home Poesy By the way, we are friends.

By the way, we are friends.


at least the ones I know,
look out for one another.
They do not neglect
the blessings
of sincere friendship.

They wish each other well.
Good nights,
good mornings,
and fruitful days.
It is good for their souls.

They find warmth in embraces
as they prefer hugs and kisses,
not simple high-fives,
and Hi’s and Bye’s.

They share all.
Do things together,
and encourage each other
to better their best
in this ugly, unfair world,
at no expense to one.

When in need
of an extra pair of hands,
they solve the biggest problem in the world
and choose not to out compete
but kindly complement each other.

They may, once in the while,
be as dishonest as humans be
but they always inspire each other
out of whatever doldrums.

They know all about each other.
They believe in each other.
They like each other.

They never flake on one another.
Irrespective of mood swings,
they keep communicating
and leave messages
whenever out of reach.

They don’t always have the luxury
of choosing other friends
but consider everyone a potential one
and are aware that,
others can only be a friend(s)
if they want to be.

Friends arrive. Friends disappear.
One day they grow in love,
and the other, grow in hate
but see to it to balance it all out
and remember
who they are, and what they mean.

It is indeed true what they say;
friends are like diamonds,
fake ones look impressive
but are cheap.
The real ones last, forever.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Karen, Nairobi.
Friday, March 28, 2014.


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