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Kiboko Changu.


He blessed you
with fine facial features,
the pleasing curves of your luscious lips,
the softness of your boobays,
the roundness of your bootay,
and the tenderness of the
succulent bamboo shoots
that are your legs
for me to say:
I love everything about you.

He gifted you
with the couqettish smile
of the rows of your perfect teeth,
the shimmering light
from the pearls that are your eyes,
the sweetness of your honied voice,
and the grace in your poise
for me to say:
there is nothing in you
that I do not love.

He did not even let me choose.
He tangled me
in your beauty’s web
and found me fitting words
that were said to open a rose
to say to your heart.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Karen, Nairobi.
Monday, March 10, 2014.

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