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Nobody gets a second chance
at a first impression
but here we are, again,
finding comfort
in the very seats
where, just the other day,
I sat across you
writing sad poesy
for we’d emotionally manipulated
each other
and frozen the blood in our hearts.

You tell me about the futility
of the arrangement of your life
and how it keeps us apart.
I, without conviction, and a choice,

I watch you as I listen
to you sweet honied voice,
and notice a blemish
on the sweetness
in the greeting of your eyes.
I get rid of it to unsolicited murmurs
of “how romantic is that exotic?”

You sway and wiggle
as you dance to the sound
of the clicks of your heels
to the cafeteria’s counter
from where you catch me
as awestricken as ever.

When my turn is up,
I turn to find you
weighing up my demeanor.
Dark, tall, handsome.
A gentleman, of course, and your darling –
it pleases me that you call me.
And, possibly, silently thanking fate
for choosing us,
and, perhaps, wishing
we’d known each other sooner.

Through your slit eyes
you intimidate me while
trying to build a confidence
to overlook my past ways.
I keep mine dilated
so that all you’ll forever see
is a reflection of your beauty.

Everything except “I love you”,
is small talk.
It is not still. It wants to get out,
to be said more often
but our faces seem to say to it,
“stay there, the time ain’t nigh.”
Now, life is being with one another.
Everything is waiting.

We are like roses
that have never bothered to bloom
and have made the sun disgusted with waiting.

As we plant more seeds
and hope that when time does tell,
they’ll have thrived and not withered,
the cafeteria reechoes
with what we have found:
the perfect joy.
We have found, and fed the lost bird
that had flown away.
We have renewed an opportunity
at moulding the potential
of whatever this force will make us.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Karen, Nairobi.
Thursday, March 20, 2014.

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Baba Twino is an award winning writer.. The award was for being the best English speaker.


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