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Sometimes, you just know.


When all you utter,
is a trumpet-clang,
of another’s luck,

When all you lack,
are the answers,
to delivered messages,

When all you make,
are calls,
that are never answered,

When all you write,
are letters,
that are never replied,

When all you are made,
are promises,
that are always broken,

When all you harbour,
is a grief,
that darkens your mood,

When all you give,
is a love,
that is unrequited,

When your opportunities,
are never seized,
but forever missed,

When all you hope for,
is the return,
of the one you miss,

When you’re noticed,
but, like a bubonic plague,
are shunned,

You just know.

Alexander Twinokwesiga,
Monday, March 17, 2014.
Karen, Nairobi.

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