Home Poesy Wewe ni kama maua.

Wewe ni kama maua.


Several brightened my way
but only one, with its lush pink shade,
caught my eye.
I had it unstemmed, and its soothing scent I smelt.
The sap I drunk, when its sweetness I tasted
became the elixir that’ll dry my wound.

Blissful was me for what I had found.
Its sepals I parted,
its petals I unplucked
till there was none left
to mark where I planted my feet.

But when I found my way home,
I found the lily that you’re,
one that I regard with pleased pride,
one more generous and gracious,
one more worthy and loving
lain on my bedding.
A graceful spectre in the dazzling moonbeam.

Blissful was me for what I had found.
Your sepals I parted,
your petals I separated,
and unfolded unapparent charms,
that make you much more magical
than your looks and smiles,
and with a gentle sweetness
that melted my heart into love.
The elixir of my life.

I savoured the experience,
like one before,
and with a confidence,
like never before,
I sighed
and with a face
that wore a calm, beaming smile
wewe ni,
Wewe ni kama maua.

Alexander Twinokwesiga
Karen, Nairobi.
Thursday, March 6, 2014.


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