Home Journal Erecting while travelling.

Erecting while travelling.


He, with intent of being close enough to her, took the seat behind hers, got appreciated for helping her adjust her window, and by the help of the same misty window, savoured the sight of her applying Vaseline on her lips and better her makeup. The sight of her touching of her skin gradually caused an unsolicited erection of his.
Both alighted at the intersection. He re-positioned his tie, buttoned his jacket, reduced his stride to match her short, calculated graceful steps and said;
“Good morning, stranger. How are you?” He, with hesitation and curiosity, inquired.
“I am as fine as I hope you can see, thank you stranger. You?” She, with confidence and conviction, replied.

They jumped into separate matatus before he could tell her he was impressed by what he saw when looked at her. She had occasioned enough bodily catastrophes for one beautiful morning.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Galleria Mall, Karen.
Monday, March 24, 2014.



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