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Take this shuka.


Take this shuka.
It is in black – my happiness colour,
and red – love’s colour.
The cardinal things I wish you, and I.

When it gets unbearably cold
and all you have is a dearth of my hands
to use as body warmers,
wrap yourself in this shuka.

When you are exhausted
by the doldrums of life,
and need a pat on your back,
an inspiration, a motivation to recover,
with all confidence,
do strap this shuka over your nape.

When you grow irate
from an unfathomable stare
at feminine blessings so cute,
fret you should not.
Make good use of this shuka.
It will be a loyal shield
that curious eyes will not penetrate.

If fate is to (forever) exile me
from your presence,
and solitude take you hostage
for an age,
let this shuka take my heart’s stead
and, with love, belong to you,
while I find my way back into your web.

When you get carried away by memories,
and your hands involuntarily linger to places
without you knowing what you are doing,
sniff this shuka, to smell my scent on it,
and mourn my name while at it.

And, if, in hate,
you ever set it ablaze,
let it glisten with a flame
that will never cease,
and constantly be,
a reminder of me.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Karen-Hardy, Nairobi.
Tuesday, April 1, 2014.


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