Home Poesy Happy birthday, You!

Happy birthday, You!


Praying to the Grim Reaper, so that he can reverse death, and allow Her, her, her & I to say; “happy birthday, You”.

At least one more time!

You left me with these tears of blood. If I knew how to weep, I, certainly, would.
I miss You, like this, and like that.
How could you leave, when everybody needed you so much?
Amidst many, I lie with every smile. None knows that, sometimes, when I am alone, and thinking about you, I cannot help it; I breakdown!

I could be in a better place but this eine unbewaltigte Vergangenheit is just OK. At least for now.

Happy birthday, You!

I love you. She loves you. We love you. They miss you.


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