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The Revelation: A Four Headed Beast.


The countryside is simply that. Enormously vast between homesteads, adorably green, and, spectacularly scenic. Tumaini, a young man who had been born and bred in the midst of its incomparable beauty found himself involuntarily savoring it all, especially on a day that, futuristically, did not promise much ahead of it as it gradually grew older.

Left behind by his playfellows, he found himself trying to hasten his pace while in the quest to catch up with them. It was, unfortunately, not helping much. Not to feel alone and like a failure – at speed, he donned his overly large shirt – to cover his revealing bones, and tightened his shorts around his small waist and started jogging towards them.

He followed the only path that he possibly could, the same path which he had used for all of his short life, the same path that he was certain would lead him into the village where his pals had either arrived or were about to.

He took turns that he knew so well, having acquired knowledge of their lengths and turns from past memory. Travelling at a rattling speed, he turned over several leaves which had fallen off branches of canopies above his head to make a soft, smooth, and soothing landing.

As he went on, unmindful of any happenings around or anywhere near him, a strange creature, a human being, a female, suddenly appeared, and without any warning, in front of him. He did not hear her approach from the back. He did not feel her rubbing his shoulder as he overtook her. He did not see her taking up a convenient spot ahead of him.

This creature kept moving onward. As it did, faster than Tumaini did, it pulled up its tennis sock, the blue on its right foot. Continuing with his jog, as calmly as he was before, Tumaini noticed another, a new, strange creature. It was grey, thin, long, and trying to find its way towards him too. On closer examination, he saw another somewhere not so far away, and getting closer.

Tumaini was bewildered by the movements going on about him. He had no option but to apply his innate abilities to figure out what was happening. While growing up, he found that he could, without expending much effort, elevate himself above the ground, spread his legs in a peace sign kind of way, and fly away to areas far away. On this particular day, he covered quite the distance, until his energies started fading away. Landing, he, in not so much time, encountered the fourth strange creature. The three were; the first, green with dark spots and equally dark shades; the second, a really dark ones and tending to a dark shade of blue; the third, bearing shades of red, which tended to mangeta. They were not far off from the grey one that Tumaini had recognized from much earlier.

It did not take long before a fight ensued. Tumaini did not have enough weapons at his disposal to engage in one. All he made use of was an umbrella that he happened to have on him. He turned it into the weapon that he wanted it to be. He struggled to fight off one. He hit another. He continued doing so as that was the only way he could possibly save his unfortunate self. It was rather strange that he even saved a moment to worry about the woman he had rubbed shoulders with much earlier. He thought that, for his efforts, she would be sincerely grateful. Tumaini fought on, as well as he could, with the weak nib of his umbrella, and did all he could to subdue the strange creatures.

Unfortunately for Tumaini, the creatures got entangled into a stronger, single unit, but with four heads which stared back at him. They became a stronger unit which was much harder to fight off. Miraculously, he fought them off. He, somehow, managed to bat them into pulp. They were, however, sticky as they managed to get onto the nib of the umbrella. It being long enough, he stretched it out, its entire length and inserted it into a nearby wire mesh, which was to his left. He pulled the umbrella out of the mesh, disposing of the remains of the creatures, and, wearily, dropped onto the ground in exhaustion.

Tumaini’s thoughts turned to the barefooted woman he had seen earlier. The woman who had pulled up her blue, cotton sock on her right foot while she hastily moved ahead of him. As he rose and went on a quest for her, it occurred to him that she was not the woman she had taken her for. As he turned his head over his shoulder, he was met with a monster, one whose face belonged to an, apparently, disappointed woman who stood sky high, and was descending for his back, with arms stretched out, and ready to land on his nape.

That, she did, quite well, like she had practiced it many times before. Tumaini did not enjoy the pleasure of seeing her mouth open up, wide enough to take in the whole of his little back. The attack was quickly executed. Tumaini was on the ground, swallowing leaves, munching dust, and unsuccessfully screaming for help. The few people that Tumaini had seen in the village ahead of him, going on about their respective occupations and businesses never came to his rescue. They must have never heard him when he made his alarms. If they did, they must have been scared enough only to simply look on.

The barefooted woman took a sizeable bite off Tumaini’s back. Her strong, big teeth went in deep enough and when they came off his back, they did so with blood, flesh, and bones. They must have had some sort of transformative power as well, for when she put her knee into the mid of his buttocks, and knelt over him, Tumaini started transforming, and fast too, into a four headed beast that neither him nor anyone else could easily comprehend. The villagers must have not seen what happened to Tumaini, or, rather, they had seen it occasionally before, and were not interested in the results as they never meant much to them. Perhaps, they were frightened by what they saw.

The consequences, as it later turned out, were that Tumaini transformed into another new four headed beast, one which could, whenever it wanted, detach or split itself into four, fully independent bodies of beautiful, and of course, deceptive men. These men did not have the time to wait. Like a continuation of the lonely journey that Tumaini was taking not so long before, when he was jogging in pursuit of his village playmates, they went on to complete the trip for him by attending, albeit without invitation, all the events taking place in the village square, the village market, purposely to frighten and crush the people whom it met and left in its wake.

Alexander Twinokwesiga.
Dagoretti Corner, Nairobi, Kenya.
Saturday, June 27, 2015.


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