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The 58 African Books That I Read In 2018.


1. A Nation In Labour – Harriet Anena

2. Bilomelele Bye Lukingi Masaaba (Poems Of Mount Elgon) – Timothy Wangusa

3. The Bell Is Ringing – Martin Aliker

4. Abyssinian Nomad – Maskarm Haile

5. A Muganda In Europe – Sarah Mukiibi

6. Kamwe Kamwe, Nigwo Muganda – Rita Kenkwanzi

7. Orombi: The Biography of His Grace, The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, Archibishop Of The Church Of Uganda – Josepha Jabo and Julia Kushemererwa

8. The Ugandan Paradox – Joachim Buwembo

9. The Climb – Chris Froome

10. King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story Of Greed, Terror, And Terrorism In Colonial Africa – Adam Hochschild

11. Ethno Patriotism And The East African Revival: A History Of Dissent, c. 1935 – 1972 – Derek R. Peterson

12. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa – Walter Rodney

13. Beware Of Africans – Reginald Reynolds

14. The Colonization Of Africa – Sir Harry H. Johnston

15. Must We Lose Africa – Legum

16. Into Africa: The Dramatic Retelling Of The Stanley-Livingstone Story

17. Tuning The Kingdom: Kawugulu Musical Performance Politics And Storytelling In Buganda – Damascus Kafumbe

18. The Teeth May Smile But The Heart Does Not Forget: Murder And Memory In Uganda – Andrew Rice

19. What Is Africa’s Problem? – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

20. The Correct Line? Uganda Under Museveni – Olive Kobusingye

21. Pumpkin Soup And Other Poems – Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa. [Nevender]

22. Self Taught – Abraham Banaddawa

23. Echoes Of Tired Men – Ronald S. Ssekajja

24. Pregnant Poems – Eron Kiiza

25. With Pens That Shout And Mouths That Shut – Nabisunsa Girls School

26. [Insert Title Here]: A Timeless Exhibition Of Love – Alexander Twinokwesiga

27. To Better Days: A Priceless Presentation Of Portions – Alexander Twinokwesiga

28. Yellow Pupu Poems – Peter Kagayi Ngobi

29. Kampala Nga Gagwire – Nalongo Ruth Namusobya Muwumba

30. Life Meter – Atenge Joan O. Marybud

31. You African Literature Cannibal – Peter Kagayi Ngobi

32. The Politics Of Rolling Spheres – Daniel Omara

33. Doomed Kids – Devis The Poet

34. Atanawa Musolo – Nsubuga Mohammed

35. Man On Top – Jeremy Byemanzi

36. On Writing – Paul Kisakye

37. Dear Nev: An Anthology Of Contemporary East African Writing – African Writer’s Trust

38. These Bones Will Rise Again – Panashe Chigumadzi

39. DRUNK – Biko Zulu

40. Bom Boy – Yewande Omotoso

41. Questions For Ada – Ijeoma Umebinyuo

42. My Name Is Life – Karen Bugingo

43. ZOO – Charles Chanchori

44. Shinta – Atuhaire Agrace Mugizi

45. We Were Not Born In The Wrong Era – Atuhairwe Agrace Mugizi

46. The Ritual Of The Gourds – Atuhairwe Agrace Mugizi

47. The Roar Of The 90s: Memories Of Ntare School Old Boys – Ed. Nick Twinamasiko

48. Miriam’s Travels: A Travel Journal – Miriam Kyasiimire

49. Uganda Martyrs – Myth And Reality: The Untold Story Behind The Martyrdom – Patrick David Wandira.

50. Bullet In The Brain – Mildred Kamau

51. Courage: Learning To Live With Uncertainty – Timothy Rubashembusya

52. Nurtured By A Blind Mother: The Courage To Belive – Amazing Grace Kirabo

53. Insights Into Uganda – Kevin O’connor

54. Songs Of Kiguli: International Edition – Kiguli Army Primary School, Nakasongola, Uganda, and Robinswood Middle School, Orlando, Florida, USA.

55. The Rock And Roll Rolex – Cathy Kreuttner and Andrew Jackson Obol

56. Amina’s Choice – Cathy Kreuttner, JohnMary Mukisa and Eric Kreuttner

57. Tendo’s Wish – Cathy Kreuttner, JohnMary Mukisa and Eric Kreuttner

58. I Know An Old Mzee Who Swallowed A Fly – Cathy Kreuttner, JohnMary Mukisa and Eric Kreuttner.


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